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Through life experience I have learned to dig deep. Real deep. I have dealt with marriage failure, becoming a single parent with a newborn and toddler, managing grief after losing a child and learning how to be on my own as a single parent with all the expectations and pressure that brings.

Through sheer determination, willpower, strength and the want to live my best life for both myself and my children, I overcame the obstacles and pitfalls. It wasn’t easy, there were setbacks and failures but every day I set my goals, my intention, my focus on being the best parent and person I could be.

I left the corporate world so I could be available for the kids and studied to be a personal trainer. I fit study into any window I could whether that be while the kids napped or late at night when they were fast asleep. I worked my ass off and before long had built a very successful business from within my own gym which was literally built from nothing. I strived to create the life I knew was worth having.

I loved working with my clients one on one and in corporate groups, educating them on how to build their best physical and mental self. We focused on nutrition and exercise, but it was the emotional and mental barriers that I felt needed the most attention. That’s why I became a coach, in both life and business, so together we could focus on the external as well as the internal. The negative self talk, fear, procrastination, self doubt and sabotage… all of it!

My strength lies in working from the ground up. Creating a stable foundation and building on it whilst dealing with all the stuff that comes with that. I love nothing more than seeing clients succeed by realising their worth, potential, making positive progress and building the life they want. It truly is such a passion of mine.


What now….

 I can truly say that I am living a life I love. I am genuinely happy and grateful for all that I have, all that I did, all that I continue to do, to be the best role model for my children, to live an authentic life that I chose. Life is a choice, it’s often not easy but we always have a choice.

If any of this resonates with you and you want to make change to create the life you deserve with me by your side, step by step, all the way… the please contact me here

This is your time, your life! Regain your energy, your focus, your mojo and take action! Start kicking some serious goals. You can and are worthy of living a happy, fulfilling and successful life. Let’s do it together!