As a group we will cover all life coaching topics with the added benefit of a support system to keep you feeling focused and accountable to the goals and promises you have made to yourself so they are a constant priority. If you are feeling lost, disconnected and want to regain your energy, focus and love for life all while feeling supported, then this is the group for you! We will work on the skills required to live your best life.


In these group sessions we cover the below topics and more:  

  • Overcoming self doubt and fear
  • Realising your passion and potential
  • Conquering procrastination
  • Taming your inner critic and negative thoughts
  • Addressing mental barriers and limiting beliefs
  • Handling stress and anxiety
  • Accepting responsibility for our failures and current reality
  • Emotional management
  • How to live a fulfilled and successful life
  • Goal Setting and Action Planning



These sessions include everything in the Group Coaching plus personal training sessions!  Not only do we cover everything in the groups sessions, I will assist you in achieving your health and fitness goals. Supercharge your life by becoming fitter, stronger and healthier in every aspect of your life!  I will empower you to take control of not just the mental and emotional aspect, but also the physical aspect of your health. Take back the control of your life with practical tools and strategies that can be applied now and in the future, so you can sustain both lifestyle and behavioural changes for good!